Completing Electrolysis Hair Removal Treatments at My Clinic in Barkham

Using Apilus, the latest and most effective technology for electrolysis

Call on Barkham Electrolysis Clinic to stop unwanted hair growth for good. Established in the 19th century, electrolysis is still the only clinically proven method of permanent hair removal. This is a non-intrusive process whereby an electrical current is sent to the base of the hair follicle, destroying growth cells without piercing the skin – the probe fits naturally in the opening of the follicle. Get in touch with my clinic today, in Barkham, Wokingham, with any further enquiries.

Why Choose My Services?

As an electrolysis specialist, I provide expert care and advice for all my clients. I am passionate about safe and effective hair removal for women and have undergone extensive electrolysis procedures myself.

In my experience, precision is key for both the safe and effective treatment of the hair follicle, which is why I use surgical specification loupes (or lenses) which are designed bespoke for my working conditions. This enables me to see the area of treatment clearly, with zero distortion, and treat both thick and finer hairs.

Other benefits include:

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  • A Treatment and Consultation Room Located in a Private, Rural Setting

  • Free Parking at the Clinic

  • Early and Late Opening Hours Available

  • Affordable Pricing

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  • 5- and 10-Minute Rates Available

  • Staggered Pricing at 5-Minute Intervals up to 60 Minutes

Causes of Unwanted Hair Growth

Often, there is no underlying abnormality that causes excess hair growth in women. However, there are also various medical causes of hirsutism, the medical term for excessive hair growth in the male pattern, i.e., on the face, neck, chest, and abdomen.

Hair growth is driven by hormonal balance and changes, and in a woman’s life, the three normal hormonal changes that may cause hair growth are:

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  • Puberty – During puberty, the gonads and adrenal cortex secrete steroid hormones which produce the male and female hair patterns.

  • Pregnancy – Androgen production is increased during pregnancy, which may lead to more hair growth on the face. After pregnancy, these hairs usually disappear.

  • Menopause – Hormonal imbalances during menopause may disturb the hair growth pattern. Reduced production of oestrogen and progesterone means that androgens become dominant.

Elsewhere, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a fairly common condition that affects how a woman’s ovaries work. One feature of PCOS is excess androgen, which can cause excess hair growth in some sufferers.

Less common causes of hirsutism include:

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  • Cushing’s Syndrome

  • Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

  • Obesity

  • Acromegaly

Hair growth may also be topical, when stimulated in response to an irritation to the skin. Any irritation that stimulates blood supply to that area may cause hair to grow deeper and coarser as a protective mechanism, which is why waxing and plucking in these areas may cause further growth.

What to Expect


Each hair has three different stages of growth - anagen (growing), catagen (transitioning) and telegon (resting/shedding). Electrolysis works best on hairs when they are in the growing phase. Hair grows in  cycles and therefore permanent results will require a series of treatments and then be treated at the next appointment. The client will not feel the insertion of the probe. They will simply feel a small burst of heat for less than a second.


Each client must first have a thorough consultation with me at which we shall discuss the treatment plan. In the consultation, I will cover the advantages and disadvantages of other methods of removal. With extensive personal experience in all methods, I have the expertise required to make honest professional recommendations.

Side Effects

Permanent side effects associated with electrolysis are predominantly due to operator errors, which are easily avoidable. These shall be discussed at your consultation. Unfortunately, there are beauticians practising electrolysis for whom it is neither a passion nor an area of specialisation, which is not the case when you choose Barkham Electrolysis Clinic.

Eliminate Unwanted Hair for Good

Electrolysis hair removal provides safe, effective, and permanent results.

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