Covid update

I will continue to wear full PPE including, face mask and a visor on a permanent basis in spite of the relaxation of rules.

Permanent and comfortable hair removal for women with Apilus technology

Welcome to Barkham Electrolysis Clinic (BEC), near Wokingham.

Electrolysis is the only safe and clinically proven method for the permanent removal of hair. Electrolysis is effective on every hair colour and type. It can deal with white, blond and dark hair that is either fine or coarse.

At BEC, I am passionate about electrolysis. I do only electrolysis enabling me to be an expert and a specialist in my field. I am also a member of the British Institute and Association of Electrolysis. Few electrologists are a member of this body which requires a high standard of competency.

Depending on the severity of the unwanted hair growth, some women are slightly annoyed by it whilst for others it is a cause of deep concern. Having had electrolysis extensively myself and practising in this one procedure, each client will receive expert advice and treatment. The treatment space and building is very private and secluded with plenty of free parking right outside.

Please take a look at the information provided on this website in order to find out more about electrolysis and what makes BEC unique.

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