What to expect with electrolysis hair removal at BEC, near Wokingham

Results and what to expect

Each hair has three different stages of growth; anagen (growing), catagen (transitioning), telogen (resting/shedding). Electrolysis works best on hairs when they are in the growing phase. Hair also grows in cycles. Therefore, permanent results will require a series of treatments. Treatments are generally spaced a week to two weeks apart which will give time for hairs in other growth cycles to appear and then be treated at the next appointment.

The client will not feel the insertion of the probe. They will simply feel a small burst of heat for less than a second. Each client must first have a thorough consultation with me at which we shall discuss the treatment plan. In the consultation I will cover the advantages and disadvantages of other methods of removal. I, personally, have tried all methods extensively therefore I am able to speak from personal experience. After a thorough discussion I will demonstrate the technique for 5 to 10 minutes so each client can know what to expect. This will be free of charge. 

Side effects associated with electrolysis are predominantly due to operator error which are easily avoidable. These shall be discussed at your consultation. Unfortunately, there are beauticians practising electrolysis for whom it is neither a passion nor an area of specialisation. As with any other occupation there are good electrologists and bad electrologists.

Why choose Barkham electrolysis clinic?

  • I am able to offer an expert and specialist service as I practise only electrolysis.
  • I am passionate about offering safe and effective hair removal for women. Having had electrolysis myself extensively, I am able to speak also from personal experience.
  • Precision is key for both safe and effective treatment of the hair follicle. I use surgical specification loupes (lenses) which have been designed personally for the work that I do with my particular measurements and the distance that I work at. This allows me to see the area clearly and magnified with zero distortion, thus I am able to treat both thick and finer hairs. Sometimes, such hair can be quite long and is therefore noticeable. Many beauticians use beauty salon magnifying lamps. However, the limitation of such lamps is that they distort as they magnify.
  • The treatment and consultation room is located within a very small sports injury clinic. Some women are quite private about having electrolysis. Therefore, to respect that privacy there is no signage on the building or the door that would indicate an electrolysis service.
  • The treatment space is in a secluded, rural location with ample free parking right outside. Therefore you do not need to negotiate town traffic, pay parking fees or have to walk to and from the clinic.
  • Early and late opening hours offered.
  • Home visits available. I have a portable treatment table/equipment. Provided you have enough space in your home, then you can have the treatment with the convenience and in the comfort of your own home.
  • Affordable pricing. Often some clients will need only five to ten minutes of treatment per session but will be charged for a minimum of 15 minutes by some electrologists. I offer a five minute and a ten minute rate and staggered pricing up to 60 minutes.

Get in touch with me to learn more about permanent hair removal and to arrange a free consultation.